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SOB is better than NoB at all
(Shortness Of Breath is better than No Breath at all) 
                          Papapoo 1997
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This feature provides review of some books and videos of which papapoo is familiar.  We have started out with just a few selections but will add others.  You can also use this page to search for and order any book, video or CD from
Click to go to personal stories The Human Story The Human Story is a series of articles by or about individuals who consider themselves survivors, not quitters. Maybe your story belongs here!
Click to go to a Word Search Puzzle COPD Puzzle A word search puzzle with a number of the "buzz words" used in discussing COPD.  Print it out and try it!
Click to go to a fun puzzle - Cure for COPD Cure For COPD? Try this fun game to see if you can find the cure for COPD.  You may be surprised at what you learn!
Click to go to Missing Kids Missing Kids Missing Kids has nothing to do with COPD except that us older folks with COPD thrive on the love and affection of the kids who seem to take everything so naturally.  Who knows, maybe you have seen one of these youngsters.
Click to go to Missing Kids Papapoo's Guide To 
Improved Quality Of Life

Papapoo documents what he thinks are some essential items for improving your quality of life
Click to go to Missing Kids Papapoo Ponders Some wise and some not wise thoughts by Papapoo who seems to have something to say about everything.
Click to go to Link page  COPD Links  Provides some basic links to enter a support group or do further research on COPD
Click to go to Energy Saving Tips Energy Saving Tips The COPD sufferer must be sensitive to saving energy when doing ordinary things around the house.  Here are a few.
Click to go to Medical Information Medical Information  Frequently asked questions have lead to this section concerning some basic medical facts. 
Click for Original Poetry Original Poetry Original poetry from COPD sufferers or their caregivers.
Click for Miscellaneous Tips Bits and Pieces Every web site need a miscellaneous page.  However, many of the things that may start out here could develop into regular features.  Want to know about some house cleaning supplies that probably won't tickle the nostrils?  Take a look at what is here.  You may recognize some of the articles here as we have combined a couple of features.
Click for Humor Feature Humor All of us need a laugh every now and then.  This section includes some original humor from COPD suffers.
Click to go to Cooking With COPD Living and Chatting

A chatroom with scheduled events but which you may use for family and friends during times when nothing is scheduled.
Click to go to Cooking With COPD Gadgets and Goodies
Yep, just like it sounds like.  Some inventions that suport Living with COPD.  Want to know what a spacer, flutter, or peek flow meter looks like? They are all pictured.

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