This section of Living With COPD is designed to provide some  basic medical information which helps explain some symptoms of COPD.  The subject matter was determined because of frequently asked questions concerning these particular topics.  Obviously, this information is not all inclusive nor is it intended to replace the necessary coordination you should have with your physician or the information and advice that he or she will provide.  Rather, these pages are intended to provide some basic information so that you will know what questions should be asked of your physician to be certain that you understand the therapy that he/she has established for you. 
Patient - Doctor Relationships
by Brenda J. Hoilman
Brenda J. Hoilman RN, also had COPD and has seen both sides of the patient - doctor "problem".  Brenda gives us some very realistic tips which include, "If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor for whatever reason, you need to find another doctor.  You will not have an effective treatment plan if you and the doctor are not able to work together".
Oxygen Use
by Brenda J. Hoilman
When do I need supplemental oxygen?  What do my PO2 and O2 Saturation levels tell me?  What is the difference anyway?
Smoking Facts
by Brenda J. Hoilman
Presented in a Smoking Quit-A-Thon, Brenda presented some basics about the habit of smoking and tackling quitting.
Breathing The Easy Way
by papapoo
Here's some more information on how to breathe properly to help relieve that Shortness Of Breath feeling that all us lungers have.  The item talks about supplemental oxygen, pursed lip breathing and Diaphragmatic Breathing.
Compilation of Pulmonary Definitions
by Sandi Wood
This work is not contained on our site.  It is a link to a work done by Sandi and posted to the World Wide Web on March 1, 1999 to provide a pulmonary dictionary, acronyms and abbreviations, and an encyclopedia of pulmonary terms.  The work is done in simple to understand terms.  She also uses links to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to provide more advanced explanations of many things that affect the COPD patient.
Medical Prescription Form 
A form which you can print and use to keep track of your medications.  A most valuable piece of paper should the need arise for paramedics to respond to your cry for help or when going to the hospital. I also keep one up to date and provide my doctor with one on every visit. This helps him recall what medications I am on and opens the avenue for discussion of dosage, prescription changes refills, etc.
Living Through The Pulmonary Function Test Results 
By Nancy Majava
This tongue in cheek explanation of the PFT results provides some good information concerning what the various results mean.  Want to know what what the FEV1 or ABG tell you?  Nancy tells you here.

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