Welcome to the pages of humor presented by sufferers of COPD, their caregivers or individuals who are interested in their welfare.  Some of this humor is original.  Some is not.  Original submissions are identified with the author's name but if the item ended up on our desk with author unknown, that is the way it is presented.  Keeping a good sense of humor when you have COPD is sometimes a chore in itself, but it takes a lot of courage to admit that you have done yourself in by continuing a habit (smoking) which destroyed your lungs.  A little humor every now and then surely doesn't hurt.

Hose In The Nose Stories
Certain Cold Cure by Martin Minue 
Absurd Animal Ailmentsby Alisa Pink
Wellness Tips You Can Learn From A Dog  Author Unknown
Miscellaneous Author Unknown(Frequent Updates)
The HMO Knows All Author Unknown
Handy Exercises To Prepare For Your
Hospital Experience Used by permission from a book 
And How Are We Feeling Today? by Kathryn Hammer (copyright 1993, Contemporary Books). 
Patient Puns Alisa Pink
The Doctor Sez Author Unknown
Signs You Have Joined A Cheap HMO Author Unknown

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