Hose In The Nose Stories
Many folks with lung disease find that it is necessary for them to have supplemental oxygen.  Some wear a cannula and are tethered to a hose from 25 to 75 feet long so that they can maneuver all around the house.  Papapoo is so endowed as is Jan Frankie, our artist.  Since these hoses are such an attraction to visitors in our homes as well as to the pets, kids, caregivers and other permanent residents in our castles, we thought you would like to hear some of these true incidents.
My mother, used to having small children "watching" her when she goes out in 
the public got a surprise from a small child one day.  It was a very windy 
day that day when a child looked at her mother and exclaimed that Mom looked 
funny.  Mom, again accustomed to uncomfortable pauses by their parents spoke 
right up and explained to the child what her bottle was for and how it 
worked.  The child listened intently and when my mother was finished she 
stated, "Cool, but I was talking about your hair standing up."  We still 
laugh at that one.   Janet 

I have a problem with my O2 hose hooking up on things over and over. With me it is the connection between the two hoses that gets stuck several zillion times a day and then jerks me backwards.  Well, someone suggested cutting a slice in a tennis ball and slipping the connection into that. Great idea!! It was working great until one day my Rottweiller decided to "get the ball" and take off with it!!!!!!!!! What a ride............................ 
Karen VonKaenel
April 2000

In February 2000,  subscribers of the COPD List of the Family of COPD Support Programs initiated their own mini-series of amusing stories about their wearing a hose in the nose.  They called it, "Have You Ever" and here is what they had to say:

Connie Ryder said, "Did you ever have a really amusing thing happen as regards the trials of being on oxygen, as to the long hose being in the road or whatever?  Well, yesterday, I was getting dressed and when putting on my slacks, the hose was in the leg hole.  I took them off and took the hose out, put the slacks back on, and guess what? They were on backwards.  It was my "senior moment" for Monday.

Martin Minue had a topper for that.  He said, "A UPS lady was at the door when I was "Zipping Up" my jeans.  I went to the door and signed for the package and noticed a strange look on her face.  I had buttoned my jeans over the 0-2 hose and zipped my fly.  My O-2 hose went directly from my fly to my nose.  I'm sure I was the topic of conversation at the coffee break room the next day.  Now they just drop off the packages and run."

  Marian Kelley opines that "This must have happened to other people as well as to me.  Gardening and cutting off the cannula instead of the branch - going around looking like a small elephant."

  Piety Carr asks, "Did you ever put your oxygen cart in the grocery cart when your husband was pushing it?  Just about took my nose off while he was heading for the Blue Bell Ice Cream.  He is no longer allowed to push the cart."

  Pat from Australia wrote, "Hi there, picture it if you can, double storey house, 40 foot tubing, postie arrives.  Hubby goes down the stairs out the front door, across the patio, down the steps and heads for the letter box only to come to a jarring halt and going tip over turkey on the front lawn.  He was only a rookie with the tubing then and luckily, no harm done.  I was nearly fired on the spot as a carer for laughing."

  Barb in Napa told us, "On way to hospital for tests.  First time out with O2 tank on a cart by way of a taxi.  Nervous, so chatted non-stop all the way (to bored driver).  Got out, unloaded cart, (with driver's help) went in and sat down feeling sob.  Checked tank only to find out I hadn't even turned it on!  I now use an Oxylite shoulder unit! Older and wiser."

Cynthia Grant told this story.  "Going visiting to relatives house so both O2 portable strollers were filled up.  Used up one portable of O2, so ready to exchange to the other and it was EMPTY.  It was not turned off from previous use.  Told myself not to PANIC.  So we left to go home.  I sat calmly in the car with car fan on.  But I made it!"

Kathy in Montana tells this wild tale, "I am on oxygen 24/7 and have gotten rather used to dragging my 50 feet of hose around.  So...jacket on, out the door, down the steps, thru the gate, into the pick-up and to town for some shopping--started getting SOB about 4 miles from home--yep; slammed the hose in the door and luckily cut it in two."

And Betty in Connecticut tells us that "When my granddaughter was younger (will be 6 in March) she christened her security blanket " Woobie"  The first time we went out after I went on continuous 02, she says "I will carry your Woobie  for you." referring to my portable."

My next door neighbour has a little girl who is now 2.  She has known my Husband as "Poppa" all of her 2 years.  The oxygen tube in his nose has been there for as long as she has been on this Planet. One night about 6 mos. ago; Mom was giving her a bath and Cassie loves to be under water.  This particular night, she was under for quite a while and when she finally surfaced, gasping for air, said, "I need oxygen".  This little one has been speaking quite plainly for about a year.
Sharon Ellis
November 1999

A friend of mine was shopping and this little girl kept looking at his oxygen hose and asking her Mom and Dad why he had that hose up his nose. Her parents kept trying to hush her and were embarrassed at her staring. My friend was on an E tank that is pretty big and has the wheels on the bottom. My friend stopped and took great pains in explaining to the little girl why he was on oxygen supplement. He said that she listened intently and seemed to understand what he was telling her. When he finished, her parents thanked him for taking the time to explain things to their little girl. But as they were walking away my friend seen the little girl turn to her Mom and say, "But why is he vacuuming?" 
Shirley Harrison
November 1999

My 28 year old daughter received a mild sprain to her right angle while "jumping rope" using my oxygen tether. My 14 year old daughter and friend were  "turning'' the rope. They were not injured. I survived too even though they  unplugged me to perform this event.
Alan Held
July 1999

When I read what Alan wrote it reminded me of our grandkids.  When they come they always pick up Rick's hose and follow him around the house letting out the slack of rolling it up for him.  One time the 2 year old grabbed the hose and started running with it and before we could catch her she ripped it right out of Rick's nose.  We thought that she was going to rip his head off because she was going full force.
Have a great day!
God Bless
Bonnie Haith
July 1999

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