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So as not to overwhelm you with a massive list of links, we decided to limit them to a starting place.  These links will lead you down the path of knowledge concerning COPD.  However, if you are interested in a particular subject, and are unable to find a source of information, let us know and we will attempt to provide that information.  Keep in mind that while it is in our best interest to become more knowledgeable about COPD, medical advice is a personal thing between patient and the physician.

Family of COPD Support Programs (COPD-Support, Inc.)    This is a support group composed of individuals who have COPD or caregivers who look after the needs of an individual who has COPD.  There is no charge for becoming a member.  Message traffic is heavy but there are options for having a digest once a day with all the traffic for the day.  The site also offers a caregivers list, COPD Forum, Scheduled Chats 7 days a week, a SmokeNoMore Program, A COPD Newsletter and Emergency Contact List known as their "Buddy Groups".

American Lung Association    This is the national association which provides a great deal of literature concerning lung diseases and describes recommended general treatment.  Information is free and is paid for through individual donations.  The ALA has an active fund-raising program to defray expenses.

The Pulmonary Paper  A periodical which provides news of interest to COPD and other pulmonary patients.  Presently, they do not have an online subscription system but will provide a single copy free for evaluation.

A Source of Links   This is a list of quality lists maintained by the Family of COPD Support Programs mentioned above.

Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc.   The closest thing to a cure for those with COPD is lung(s) transplant or Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS).  The Second Wind Lung Transplant Association is an organization that focuses their activities toward that goal.  While there are a number of subscribers to this list that are COPD patients, the majority have other lung diseases and are a tad younger than the average COPD patient.

Compilation of Pulmonary Definitions   This is an excellent reference for acronyms, abbreviations and definitions for most pulmonary terms.  Sandi Wood, who authored this offering, has done extensive research to provide a reliable source of this information in terms which the lay person will understand.

Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation (PERF)   Their literature says that they are a small but vigorous non-profit foundation dedicated to providing help for those with chronic respiratory disease through education, research, and information.  What they do not say in this publicity header is that their web site is written in such a manner that the average individual will understand what they are talking about and that they have professional pulmonary doctors and nurses on the board of directors.  This foundation also publishes a newsletter of interesting and informative pulmonary information called Second Wind (Not to be confused with the Second Wind Lung Transplant Association).

Breathe Well    We normally do not link commercial sites but this one is a little unique as it offers a free magazine mailed to your door. 

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