Welcome to the web page dedicated to "Living With COPD".  This site has been developed,  written, and is hosted by patients of COPD.

When you can't breathe,
nothing else matters®

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  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),  is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, a major cause of death throughout the world, and the third leading cause for disability in the United States.  No wonder that when the doctor utters those initials, "COPD" or "Emphysema", for the first time, the individual goes into a state of shock and depression.  This web site is dedicated to helping you understand that is not necessary ! 

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Diagnosis of COPD is not necessarily a death sentence!
There are options for the COPD patient!
The COPD patient can make the difference!

 Like most web sites of this nature, the authors do not intend to provide advice on the medical treatment of this disease.   Treatment of medical problems is a very complex procedure best left up to medical professionals.  It is appropriate for the patient to form a partnership with their physicians to achieve optimum treatment and to realize appropriate progress. 

This is Papapoo's web site.  I am a 65 year old with "end stage COPD" that was diagnosed over ten years ago.  I got the name of papapoo from a couple of great grand kids.  It is a non-commercial site which I personally fund.  I do not solicit funds nor accept any that may be offered by any source. While I also help out with a couple of other groups concerning lung disease, they do not sponsor this web site.  By the way, don't let that "end stage COPD" scare you.  There are individuals on the COPD/Emphysema Computer  Support Group Mailing List to which I belong that have had that diagnosis, like me,  for over a decade!   I hope that you will visit often and provide  feedback concerning what you would like to see here. 

 After you have made your initial visit, we highly encourage you to sign our guest book as this will help us know what we are doing right or wrong as the case may be.  For that reason, we will have a guest book reminder on several pages throughout the site.  We hope you enjoy your visit with us.


 Bill Powell passed away on April 16, 2001. In January, 2000 he established a Corporation to permanently insure that support and education would always be available to those who suffer from COPD. That non-profit corporation, COPD-support, Inc, is alive and well.

To honor Bill as first President of Copd-Support, Inc., and to insure that the personal experiences described here in the Papapoo web site are not lost, this web site and the copd-support.com web site are now permanently linked.

The two web site addresses are:

The COPD-support family of programs are vibrant and growing. As participants, we would be happy to welcome you and share experiences with you. 


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